It all started a year ago. One genius idea, two best friends, and a dream to create a place where women, and men can get services done in a clean and beautiful salon, a one-stop shop with friendly staff, a coffee and snack bar, champagne on the house, and more importantly have reasonable prices that will create the customer retention that every business aims for. We set off to do our homework, it took a year to research all the aspects of the beauty industry. With the knowledge that I have coming from a makeup artist background, and Jennifer bringing the management and business experience to the table we began what feels like a long journey, filled with more questions than answers. We started out inquiring with the state board of cosmetology, and what we learned was quite shocking. All the years getting manicures and pedicures flashed before our very eyes as the realization came that most nail salons do not follow basic requirements that protect the public from infections, fungus, and anything else that can be transmitted through the implements used. After learning those facts we were even more determined to open Nail Bar & Beauty Lounge with the highest standards when it comes to all aspects, but more importantly the sterilization of all equipment being used.


Barbicide is a solution required by law to be used on any object that comes in contact with the client, however at Nail Bar & Beauty Lounge we go the extra mile with our custom made porcelain sinks to avoid any bacteria seeping in crevices. A special solution is poured into the pedicure vessel and soaked for 2 minutes after each client and then brushed to a sparkly shine. We then use an autoclave on all stainless steel implements after each use in addition to soaking them in the Barbicide solution. We dispose of all buffers, files, toe separators, and pumice stones that are being used. All these measures are taken to ensure that every client will be confident that they are not leaving with unwanted infections or fungus!


In addition to the manicures and pedicures, cool nail art, and high quality gels, waxing services and makeup, we also have a full Blow bar. We use Morroccan Oil products to rinse out and treat your hair, and whether your looking for a blow out or an updo our girls got you covered.

We are also bringing something new and exciting for the bride to be. Wouldn’t it be great to have a salon that caters to your every need on your wedding day?

A robe and slippers, brunch, makeup, hair and a private bridal suite fully equipped to transform you on your special day…

We are very proud of the final product that is Nail Bar & Beauty Lounge, we are so honored to be part of the successful businesses on Robertson Blvd. It all started with an idea and a dream and to see that dream become a reality is truly humbling. We invite you to come and experience Nail Bar & Beauty Lounge for yourself.